Young people must grow up with the correct attitude of freedom, convinced that, "...a person is more precious for what one is than for what one has..."
By giving young people the opportunity to receive correct information and learn how to live by their values, we are enabling them to make the right choices and become responsible and respectful individuals
...Developing young people of Integrity, Service and Good Character - Responsible community members and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
Dare to be Different...Say NO to Negative Peer Influence!!!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed young people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

What We Do

We strive to holistically develop young people into responsible leaders of today and tomorrow.

Life skills session for pupils in a Mutare Rural District schoolYoung people in Manicaland (Zimbabwe) are affected by several social problems. A greater percentage of these challenges have been attributed to inadequate life skills training and Sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) information. Due to limited access to comprehensive SRH information, young men and women remain vulnerable to HIV and Abuse. The most vulnerable are young girls from marginalized farming communities who find themselves in abusive relationships or with unplanned pregnancies.

Our work also involves assisting Adolescents to deal with everyday challenges associated with growing up. We use age specific and youth friendly interventions designed to improve self worth, confidence, good communication skills and assertiveness (More about these Interventions). These skills and information enable young people to fight off negative pressures. Young people are thus empowered to protect themselves and reach their full potential in life.


Why We Work With Young People

Team building - Teen HIV Prevention program participants

We believe that "...a person's worth is not determined by what they have but by how they mould their character." Youth Alive also understands that the SRH challenges faced by young people are as a result of risky sexual behaviour. As such we promote value-based, risk avoidance approaches to help young people avoid engaging in risky sexual behaviour.

Our programming goes beyond giving facts; we seek to empower people and strive for personal human development in our participants - to see change in the well being of every individual we come in contact with.


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