Young people must grow up with the correct attitude of freedom, convinced that, "...a person is more precious for what one is than for what one has..."
By giving young people the opportunity to receive correct information and learn how to live by their values, we are enabling them to make the right choices and become responsible and respectful individuals
...Developing young people of Integrity, Service and Good Character - Responsible community members and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
Dare to be Different...Say NO to Negative Peer Influence!!!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed young people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Our Programmes

Youth Alive Zimbabwe's programs are predominantly educational in nature. They combine Sexual Reproductive Health Education with Life Skills development. By combining these interventions, we disseminate information while instilling necessary skills and confidence in young people needed to face diverse challenges in life. Common challenges among the youth include HIV, teenage pregnancies, drug abuse and negative peer influence.

We address these challenges by empowering young people with SRH information and related life skills. If young people are empowered with correct and accurate information on reproductive health issues, they will be able to make informed decisions which will aid in reducing  social challenges linked to these problems.


{ppgallery}St. Faith's Youth Alive Club acting out a role playAfrica University Peer educators during a trainig workshopThe trust fall. Mount Mellary primary school prefects training{/ppgallery}


All our programs are practical and participatory in nature. They go beyond merely educating and informing. During our Interventions, project clients will actively participate in group discussions, singing, dancing, role-plays and individual presentaions. This intensive involvement in all activities transforms and empowers our beneficiaries.

Furthermore, YAZIM programs are target group, needs and age specific thus addressing social challenges related to a specific target population. We have designed these programs based on invaluable contributions from our target group and partner organisations; to help participants develop essential life skills for everyday living.



Sustainability: Youth Alive Clubs provide an environment which is positive and supportiveTo ensure that the positive social changes achieved by our interventions are sustained, we incorporate a component of peer-support groups. These groups are formed post-intervention and are called Youth Alive Clubs. Youth Alive Clubs are an autonomous extension of our organisation. Their function is to help members sustain positive behaviour by creating an enabling and supportive environment. Furthermore, Club members also reach out to peers in their communities with SRH information, related life skills and other initiatives. The project is sustainable as these ambassadors continue to reach out  with little or no financial support. YAZIM Clubs are one of the ways we are using to guarantee the sustainability of all our projects.


Project sustainability is further enhanced by the nature of YAZIM interventions. Although alternative methods such as risk reduction achieve the same development impact, they tend to show cosmetic changes. Our risk avoidance methods are value based and founded on the positive cultures and value systems of our target population. Hence, the social impacts of our intervention will remain years after implementation is completed.


Specific Youth Alive Programmes