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Basic Counselling Skills

  Basic Counseling skills workshop Basic Counseling Skills Training workshop Basic Counseling Skills workshop

Purpose of the Basic Counseling Skills Training Project

Young people are facing many challenges in their lives and most of them do not have any idea how to deal with these challenges. They desperately need someone to talk to but they may not know how to reach us or other professional counseling services. In answer to this, Youth Alive has developed a counseling skills training workshop targeting peer educators.

The Basic Counseling skills workshop empowers peer educators in communities with the techniques and skills needed to effectively talk to and counsel community members at any time and in any situation. This ensures that anyone in the community can access counseling services right there at their school, college or community. The program also extends to adults working with young people in educational and religious institutions.

Our Approach in Counseling Skills Training

Couseling skills workshop practical activityYouth Alive's Basic Counseling Course is very practical and highly stimulating. The program looks at counseling theory in the local context of the extended family. Participants can apply these techniques to a varied range of issues.

It has also been designed to help expand and develop counseling techniques, qualities and skills  that are suited to all ages.

Specifically, this course will explores techniques to use when dealing with: family issues; abuse, suicide, self harm, grief and loss, self-esteem, peer pressure and  bullying. More importantly, Youth Alive emphasizes Ethics in counseling and the importance of Child protection during counselling situtations.

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