Young people must grow up with the correct attitude of freedom, convinced that, "...a person is more precious for what one is than for what one has..."
By giving young people the opportunity to receive correct information and learn how to live by their values, we are enabling them to make the right choices and become responsible and respectful individuals
...Developing young people of Integrity, Service and Good Character - Responsible community members and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
Dare to be Different...Say NO to Negative Peer Influence!!!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed young people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Girls And Young Women Empowerment

This Programme seeks to empower two of the most vulnerable groups in our population - girls and young women. The projects under this program aim at giving girls and young women the ability to make independent decisions about their lives. We have since developed two projects to address the socio-economic independence of girls and young women in Manicaland Province.

Project 1 : Women Empowerment through Small Livestock rearing and Market Gardening

The project targets girls and young women with no food security or income source to send their children to school. More specifically the project targets those living in rural communities who have been displaced and are marginalized. Vulnerable women and girls facing financial challenges, unemployment and poor access to health and education facilities can begin to rear small livestock.

To date, YAZIM has initiated a small project for a group of women in Mutare Urban district. These women are keeping rabbits as a group. They intend to sell their products within their community as there is not yet a formal market for rabbits. By giving young women the chance to earn for themselves, we are helping them shape a brighter future; not only for them, but for their children.

Project 2 : Women Empowerment through Prevention Of Gender Based Violence

Youth Alive is contributing to women empowerment through reduction and prevention of gender based violence (GBV) through enhancement of community capacities to report and mitigate GBV. Our project also addresses low partcipaton and involvement of men and community leaders in GBV initatves. The greatest concern and observaton is that men are mostly the perpetrators of violence; hence change efforts focusing on women alone will not ...

succeed. However, simply adding men to a women program is not effectve. More is needed to ensure male partcipation and incorporation especially in issues that have been have regarded as highly women domains.Women play a critical role in sustainable development. When they are educated and healthy, their families, communities and countries benefit.


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