Young people must grow up with the correct attitude of freedom, convinced that, "...a person is more precious for what one is than for what one has..."
By giving young people the opportunity to receive correct information and learn how to live by their values, we are enabling them to make the right choices and become responsible and respectful individuals
...Developing young people of Integrity, Service and Good Character - Responsible community members and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
Dare to be Different...Say NO to Negative Peer Influence!!!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed young people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

New Horizons Programme

Children act out a role play during Lesson 2 - My FamilyThe New Horizons programme is aimed at helping children (8-10 years) to accept and appreciate their different talents and acknowledge the importance of their families. It also seeks to assist children to identify ways of mitigating their vulnerability as they are growing up by making them aware of the methods used by Abusers. Furthermore, children are taught what to do if they are abused or if they know a child who is being abused. OUr New Horizons programme is a holistic approach which addresses fundamental issues affecting children yet at the same time giving them the necessary and age appropriate life skills. 


Topics covered under the New Horizons Program

Lesson 1: Myself

Lesson 2: My Family

Lesson 3: Child Abuse

Lesson 4: Sexual Abuse

Lesson 5: HIV/AIDS

Lesson 6: Staying Safe

Why The Programme Was Developed

Child abuse is a problem that knows no socio-economic or ethnic boundaries. The common denominator of all forms of child abuse is that it makes the young person feel threatened and diminished. This programme grew out of the recommendation given by Primary School teachers in and around Mutare who continually expressed the need for a life skills programme that was suited for children as young as eight. Taking up the challenge of the teachers and in answer to the increasing cases of abuse in Mutare urban and Mutare rural district, the NH program was born. When it comes to Child Abuse, doing nothing is never an option.

What We Want to Acheive

Tinashe and Sr. Susan with children from Kaswa Rural CommunityThe vision of the New Horizons programme is to create a world fit for children. Our NH program empowers children with basic information about child rights, Child Protection and their roles and responsibilities as children in their families. The programme also strives to help young people understand the need to have compassion on those who are suffering in any way and especially towards people who are living with HIV/AIDS as well as those people living with disability. 
New Horizons also strives to instill a sense of self belief and self respect in children as well as making them aware that they have the potential to be who they want to be.


Aims of the New Horizons Programme

1) To help children accept and appreciate their different gifts
2) Acknowledge the importance of their families in their lives
3) To conscientise children on issues of Abuse, HIV and AIDS, and assist them to identify ways of overcoming these challenges



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