Young people must grow up with the correct attitude of freedom, convinced that, "...a person is more precious for what one is than for what one has..."
By giving young people the opportunity to receive correct information and learn how to live by their values, we are enabling them to make the right choices and become responsible and respectful individuals
...Developing young people of Integrity, Service and Good Character - Responsible community members and Leaders of Today and Tomorrow.
Dare to be Different...Say NO to Negative Peer Influence!!!
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed young people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Resources And Policies

1. Youth Alive Zimbabwe Child Protection Policy

Youth Alive Child Protection PolicyYAZIM team members are aware of the roles they play and the responsibilities they take while interacting with children directly and indirectly. This document provides the necessary standards and means of protecting children, staff and stakeholders working with and for children.

The standards in this document are based on Youth Alive Zimbabwe’s experiences of working in Sexual Reproductive and Life skills Education and Development; and drawn upon the principles outlined in international and regional child rights instruments and commitments (particularly article 19 of the UNCRC)

Where Youth Alive is.. Children are Safe




2. Our Universal Statement of Belief

Youth Alive's Universal Statement of BeliefIn December 1991, a group of development workers and leaders were called together in Dakar, Senegal to explore the issue of  Behaviour Change as a preventative Strategy. From the shared experience of this group came a Statement of Belief which has shaped Youth Alive Zimbabwe and Other Youth Alive organisations present in over 25 African countries.








3. Youth Alive's Universal Anthem and Prayer

Youth Alive's Universal Anthem and Prayer 

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